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2 years ago

Above is the author used the Canon EOS 700 d actual pictures,

  Above is the author used the Canon EOS 700 d actual pictures, the first white-colored OPPO cellular mobile phone did not adjust the visibility settlement during the shooting, of cellular mobile phone greyish shade. Added a second is taken after visibility settlement, you can see along with of the cellular mobile phone primary close to the original shade. , during the shooting of a genuine dark Nubia mobile phone started without modifying visibility settlement, the dark mobile phone to greyish environment at the same time fully revealed no information. Second reduces a visibility settlement, the impact is slightly better but along with is still not correct, finally decrease the two primary reduction visibility settlement to the real shade.  At this time, the impact of visibilityHDC phones settlement is reflected, for white-colored greater part topic field, we can appropriately increase when shooting a visibility settlement, main body shade of white-colored will be nearer to the real genuine white-colored. And the other way around, dark greater part topic scenes, can decrease a appropriate visibility settlement made by the object nearer to genuine dark colored.
  So, is this a set of theory for mobile phones for? The answer is yes. Users in the cellular mobile phone images, if you encounter (contrast) larger than mild field can also through modifying visibility settlement to make overall coordination.
  Above these images were taken in the great hall of the office, meizu m2 notethe first photo shot in automatic mode, you can see behind due to the strong mild, rockery overall high brightness led to lack of information. In this case, decrease a visibility settlement shoot again we found that the facts of the rockery got more show.


2 years ago

lenovo VIBE Taken to keep more than a day and a nightlife

   All in all, lenovo VIBE Taken is a cost-effective picture cross-over designs, lenovo has released recently a unusual product; The apple company iPhone6 extensive efficiency, well known. Although there is no overall commonness between them, but with regards to overall look, images, and lifestyle is also can effect the simple ignite some exciting.

  Regular use, lenovo VIBE Taken to keep more than a day and a nightlife is not challenging to the stand by can even achieve nearly a week level completely, is very outstanding. HDC mobileThe apple company iPhone6 did not get rid of the position of a day stuffing.
   Assistance from the components part, both sleek enough, so I don't have much necessary is caught with Xiao monster or apple sequence A CPU. For operating big activities and hd video is not challenging, not here.
   In common, lenovo VIBE is a Taken to take images give concern to number of of cost-effective designs, the fuselage was obviously usually take images and the overall quality, inner and exterior atmosphere is outstanding, and cross-over to card DC style, and its efficiency in factors as lifestyle is also very prominent; The apple company iPhone6 is a known outstanding products, extensive efficiency is outstanding, no special poor weblink, of course, moreover to the lifestyle. From lenovo VIBE Taken is outstanding at taking photographs, apple iPhone6 from components and some of the gap, but outstanding marketing is also worth identification.

2 years ago

Lenovo VIBE Taken picture lenovo is one of the few to release machine

   Apple iPhone6 is a good smart phone, did not straight with cards digicam what to do, so there is no unique way of deteriorated style individually. Its implemented dual LED display, this should also encourage lenovo VIBE Taken using one of the reasons for the three LED display.
  Can say that from the images on the way, take images of apple company iPhone6, sensation is to use the traditional smart phone pictures; And with organization VIBE Taken picture, then there will be some having cards digicam picture sensation, this is lenovo VIBE Taken designed carefully onHDC mobile overall look and components style. So took the apple company iPhone6 captured and take lenovo VIBE Taken images basic is two different sensation.

Both in overall look only can destroy the ignite seems to be the "unibody". While apple company iPhone6 to adhere to the steel metal material for many years, lenovo VIBE Taken for the acting of steel structure + dual glass, features popular.
   Lenovo VIBE Taken picture lenovo is one of the few to release machine with the overall look on the deteriorated in scenery style to admire cards, also prepared with infra-red focus HDC S6on components and three display unique component, and the fuselage side also improved the enterprise important factors and smart/professional method of effective transformation enterprise important factors.

2 years ago

Lenovo VIBE Taken with a variety of shades,

  As a leading design taking an image, lenovo VIBE Taken straight using the cards from the overall look design, make it to an estimated cross-over of cell cellphone productsmeizu m2 At the same time, it also deteriorated method of horizontal deteriorated made depending on the digicam "adaptation", "roof" (and cell cellphone on the right side) in addition to the power of the smart phone and the adjusting important factors, also on the right hand position improves the digicam key and design modification (Pro method and Smart method, namely, professional design and intelligent) key.
  Apple iPhone6 a change before iPhone5s advantage distinct sides of the era of design, such as into a circular shape, from the overall to the sides are curved. Of course, its not like lenovo VIBE Taken to take images like that u. s. all, such as the design, overall look does not usually a particular part attribute with specific design, relatively extensive.   Lenovo VIBE Taken is lenovo to create a design has a high identificationmeizu mx5 price of one million yuan, a complete cards digicam type of commercial design, special infra-red focus component, you will of the world's first three LED display is very amazing. Many manufacturers are now eager to task the apple company iPhone6 to signify their complacency and strength, so as a $2000 within the item, the lenovo VIBE Taken can with the apple company iPhone6 damaged out spark? Today will be lenovo VIBE Taken a fun to play with the apple company iPhone6 "PK".
  Few words said, first of all, we look at the overall look. Lenovo VIBE Taken with a variety of shades, such as favourable, titanium greyish and white gem, in which the individual HDC Note 4seems traditional increased red shade is the best edition. Apple iPhone6, of course, also have gold, gold, deep greyish 3 kinds of shade edition, the local tyrants gold most liked need not say more. For shade, the lenovo VIBE Taken and the apple company iPhone6 no apparent ignite point, each have was adament on, and each is in its own item placement as a whole.


2 years ago

S Pen has become a signature of the samsung Observe sequence operate

    of course, on a samsung Universe S6 edge part of the show quick flashes, the personality part of the show, select observe, the alert at night, and details circulation are arranged, simultaneously also improved the operate program part of the show, the user can select by moving part board kickboxingHDC S5 the required program, to a certain level, also easy for daily use. So these features, in the 5.7 -inch samsung Universe S6 whether to use on the part, we might as well try one by one.
   Side of the show display can be said to be on a samsung Universe S6 edge + is very awesome and realistic operate, we are in a conference or office often unintentionally will cellphone control buttons on the table, so will skip the cellphone or details. The samsung Universe S6 edge + can realize upon meizugetting observe from the cellphone or part of the show lighting up.   S Pen has become a signature of the samsung Observe sequence operate, at least in the current also no smart phone producers can surpass S Pen stylus pen, the accurate operate such as artwork, free screenshots are reasons for business customers to become the recommended. Look at samsung edge machine, such as samsung Universe Observe edge, the samsung Universe S6 edge as well as the newest samsung Universe S6 edge +, the rounded area show lower kung fu is not substandard to the S Pen.
   Believe that the majority of customers, for hyperboloid show samsung Universe S6 is the impact of edge + show visible sensation better, than the samsung Universe S6 edge. meizu mx5 priceHowever, when really take in hand, it will bring you more excitement. Arc part show has gotten better working sleek sensation, simultaneously will also feel a 5.7 -inch show is not function must be hands.


2 years ago

, the new samsung Galaxy A8 run "wild motorbike racing" fluency is very excellent.

    In order to analyze the Galaxy A8 activity efficiency, the author specially selected the current popular large and medium-sized activity to try to experience.HDC S6 Such as "wild motorbike rushing 8: speed lingyun", "2" angry birds, etc. Crazy motorbike rushing as I prefer one hand swimming at ordinary times, and has very excellent game playing experience. In the procedure of trial, the cell cellphone touch efficiency, severity introduction understanding, heating situations were carried out several aspects, such as efficiency analyze.    Bunny rabbit analyze application is our common run analyze application, through, CPU, memory, CPU efficiency integerHDC S5 efficiency sailing point efficiency, 2 d / 3 d drawing efficiency, etc., for the overall and individual components efficiency rating of cell cellphone. Samsung Galaxy A8 on run analyze had nearly 29000 factors on the excellent efficiency, the efficiency comparison is balanced.
    Run factors the result is a way to measure the cell cellphone components efficiency, but games how effective starting from the working experience. Next, we have to run the experience more to see how the new samsung Galaxy A8 activity efficiency.
    Through the analyze, we can feel, the new samsung Galaxy A8 run "wild motorbike racing" fluency is very excellent. The whole procedure of the experience is not found and cast HDC Note 4caton frame. 5.7 -inch display a excellent game playing experience, moving the corresponding is also very smooth.

2 years ago

analyze 3 d moments of processer power has been changed, the stress on the GPU

   Blossoms only L5 Plus MT6753 holding eight primary 1.5 GHz processer, formulated by 3 gb memory and 16 gb of storage area room. Support the greatest 128 gb storagexiaomi mi3 review area space to flourish. Display, with a 5.5 -inch Super AMOLED screen quality of 1920 x1080 p. Let's take a look at one run only L5 Plus points.
   AnTuTu 5.0 there are two changes in the efficiency analyze, one is the bunny rabbit 5.0 contributes a "CPU (single-threaded)" venture, the CPU on the venture items are separated into integer "CPU" and "CPU floating-point", can say this is the first individual line for cellular system, it also features the nucleus is not in this idea. Moreover, analyze 3 d moments of processer power has been changed, the stress on the GPU, it is also because the processer GPU, past 3 d moments cannot be clearly separated the efficiency variations between GPU.

  Due to the picture on the day of the China weather stayed smoggy is given concern to, so the writer select the picture at inside and junction. Can be seen through the first example cloud impact is excellent, and very normally have management levels feeling. And the second section specifically choose the junction in visitors, visitors is relatively focused, we can see whether the walking automobiles or people on the streets are able to clearly catch, impact is very excellent.
  Want to in the dim light conditions, plant only L5 Plus in both focus and gradually picture impact is acceptable. We can see in the black subterranean vehicle automobile parking space picture whole or more vibrant. Moreover, the above example, the writer is in standard method, a daily addiction hands hold cell phone taking photographs, not with the help of a equine or other set device.